How To Shave Pubic Hair

pubic hair


Women shaving their pubic hair is different than using the razor on legs or underarms. You need a bit more patience and care because of this sensitive zone and thicker hair type. While you can get away with a 'hurry up and get it done job' with other areas, but not this one. Here we will show you how to get a close, safe shave while avoiding common problems like nicks and ingrown hairs.


1. Get a good quality shaving cream or gel. Do not rely on soap. Prefer a shaving gel containing moisturizers like aloe vera or Vitamin-E. Also choose a really good quality lady razor. You can choose either Schick Quattro for women or Gillette for women.

2. Cut off your pubic hair as short as possible. Do not leave hair longer than a quarter of an inch. The less hair you start out with means less use of your razor.

3. Take a warm shower or bath or hot tub bath just before you shave your pubic hair. At least 10 -15 minutes of the heat will open the pores of the skin and will soften hair follicle making it easier for the hair to be removed.

4. (Optional step) Here you can exfoliate your skin with any mild exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells to provide a closer shave.

5.(Optional) Apply some shaving oil on your pubic area. It will work as a barrier on your skin and the razor will glide more easily instead of dragging. It will also help to prevent razor burn, irritation and any ingrown hairs.

6. Apply generous amount of shaving cream or gel. Make rich lather.

7. Start shaving. First shave in the same direction of hair growth then shave against the direction of your pubic hair growth. Pull your skin taut with one hand and gently apply the razor with another hand. Remember to rinse the blades after every couple of strokes. Avoid going over and over on the same area for many times.

8. Rinse the area thoroughly with cooler water as this will help to close skin pores reducing the chances of any irritation. Pat dry with towel. Do not rub with towel.

9. Moisturize with any good quality skin lotion preferably with aloe vera or vitamin E. Use light and unscented lotion.


When your shaved pubic hair will again begin to grow back, a few women may feel itching.

There may be red bumps and a few ingrown hair may appear.

For any kind of irritation, if perssits, you can apply any medical cream by consulting your doctor.

Few people may be allergic to some shaving creams. For precaution you can use hypoallergenic shaving creams or do not shave.

pubic hair


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