Trend Of Pantyless Appearance in Western Countries

Panty lessOne of the best trends thats happening for the past few years is that the trend to wear thongs or go pantiless is becoming more and more commonplace in west. No longer limited to risk taking youngsters, this fashion if you can call it that is being obsereved by average housewives, MILFs, young teens as well as young girls in general. Apart from casual going to the grocery and mall trips, even in offices many women are coming pantiless. Also now the typical panty flash when they cross and uncross their legs have been replaced by pubic hair or pubic area flash. In subways, escalators, getting out of cars etc. one now gets to see slit flash, mostly shaved or with tuft on top. Women are not ashamed of their pussies and actually see the beauty of their private part that fascinates men to no end. Needless to say, many men don't mind this trend at all. Married women now go pantiless in the west and so do unmarried young ones, also many teens prefer going nude under their micro mini skirts or with thongs. This is not just imagination, but it can be observed at many porsh places. Summers being the best for this kind of viewing but even winters don't dissapoint with some flashes between the skirts. pantylessNot just skirts but also loose summer shorts bring many viewings between the cutoffs. Even Asian females in US are going pantiless, including most of Nepali and Indian acquintances wives. One can go to a park or a sporting event and get to see many pantyless views of women when they are lying down on the grass or sitting on benches or one can lie on the grass and observe women with no panty. Women are also aware of this fully and now they display it with pride even though it may be unintentional. Most women are clean shaved so one gets to see the slit and the lips in all their glory.

Pantyless Tradition in Asian Countries

In the hilly area of Nepal women wear bosom-tight top and wrapped knee length wrap-skirt. pantilessActually Nepali women, the young ones are quite gorgeous with skinny and almost hairless bodies. They are also quite comfortable with nudity and sexuality once you are in their circle of trust. Being in the hilly area near water streams or hilly clean water rivers there is absolutely no privacy and most women grow up without that notion. So at water sources like river, streams etc. there are plenty of opportunities to see beautiful women in various stages of nudity and as long as you don't act consipicuous and stare at them, one can casually have wonderful views. Most Nepali women would bathe semi nude or sometimes totally nude depending on the situation near their river or stream. One can also find them peeing in the open sand and they are not shy about it as they take it as a natural act. Even they pee right in more or less crowded place, just lifting their hems and spread their legs and expertly pee without revealing much. In case they see strangers, they don't bother to get up and in known company as long as its not their village males or elders, they have no qualms on their exposure. Near any river or stream during afternoon whole bunch of women come to bathe themselves. They normally go on their business in various stages of undress, even if there are presence of a few males here and there. The teens take their clothes off fully, the adults usually their tops and when they clean themselves they would usually lift their wrap-skirts even if their pantyless appearance is clearly visible. As long as you act normal, you can view (not stare) all this without getting lynched. Don't take this as a sign of their promiscuity as they are firercely proud and will take exceptions to any kind of advancement from males."

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