Difference Between
See-Through Bikini and Sheer Bikini

see thru bikini

Often 'sheer bikini' is considered as ' see-thru bikini'. 

But there are differences that you should know if purchasing either 'sheer bikini' or see-through bikini'.sheer bikini

Sheer Bikini

Generally ,a sheer bikini is the bikini having very thin fabric sufficient enough to reveal the skin when it is wet. 

Such fabric, in general, are lycra or nylon or or a combination.

Some sheer bikinis use skin colour fabric so such sheer bikinis create the illusion of revealing skin underneath the swimsuit. 

So such bikinis just create an effect of revealing skin by their fabric colour.

Sheer bikinis are worn when you want to leave a little to the imagination.

See-through Bikini

You can see through the fabric in a see-through bikini regardless if the swimwear is wet or dry. 

See-thru bikini also does not use skin-colored fabric. It always reveal your skin.

Remember, a see-through bikini shows everything, regardless of the chosen color or pattern.

Both, see-through and sheer bikinis are available in colors or prints.

If you want to reveal each of your curve while sun-tanning or on beach, you should choose a see-thru bikini.

see thru bikini

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