Panty - less Trend Among Celebs

celebrity While big sister Shilpa Shetty made huge headlines as the winner of the UK reality show 'Big Brother', her li'l sis Shamita Shetty grabbed her 15 minutes of fame by going commando or 'pantyless' at a movie function, flashing pretty much 'everything' to click happy photographers.

Remember, Britney Spears stepped out of her car wearing an ultra short dress without her underwear. Not bothered with the eyeballs popping, the star followed ths act by subsequently making many more public appearance = 'pantyless'.

shamita shetty no pantyWhile teen singer and actor Lindsay Lohan too cheekily followed suit, when she gave the paparazzi an unrestricted view of her no-no place.

'Desperate Housewives' star Teri Hatcher sat through an interview for a British chat show wearing no knickers. In between the interview she revealed to the host Jonathan Ross that she was wearing nothing under he sequined dress. Adding, 'As you gain confidence, you are less sensitive about what others think'.

Paris Hilton made her style statement even more clear when she picked up her skirt to ever-willing shutterbugs to reveal her 'pantyless' status.

Knicker Knocker

paris hilton no pantyIt is true that more and more famous beauties are dropping their panties. But according to them it's more in keeping with fashion. 

At the Golden Globe awards held this year world famous actresses Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale, all went 'pantyless'. 

Alba admitted to her lack of under wear state, by revealing, "I actually did have underwear on but I was on my way out and my agent said, 'Your panties are showing through the dress'. I had no choice after that but to take them off. So here I am, commando (pantyless) !. 

Eva Longoria also adds, 'The trend right now is for tighter and thghter dresses and that doesnt leave much room for underwear'. .

Bare Show

britney no pantyWhile the west is more open to skin shows, perhaps east is also following that. 

An Indian ramp model Tinu Varghees says,'There's no big deal in not wearing panties. I have a lot of long, tight dresses where the panty line is visible whether I try a thong or ultra-sheer pair or whatever style underwear you can think of. It's better to be without any panties than to have a visible panty line marring the look of a beautiful evening gown.'

celebrity commandoAnother Indian Chhaya Momaya says,'It's ironical but from time immemorial, Indian women have never worn panties under their saris but still they have walked with grace and dignity. 

The problem with Shamita is not the lack of garment, but the way it has been displayed.' But all the same she adds, 'I agree that a visible panty line can kill the very ironed out look of skintight dresses.'

Choose the right panty, innerwear

  • Thongs
  • 'Spandex' which is seamless. It is in great demand so you can imagine how many women out there are wearing skintight clothes. Cut-off panty hose, which is seamless and well chiselled.
  • There are also crotchless panties which is like wearing nothing at all.

Nude Look

celebrity commandoSo how does one not end up like Shamita? Fashion designer Ashley Rebello insists 'thongs' are the sure-fire wear to beat being caught commando (pantyless) in public.

'Bustier King' fashion designer Lascelles Symons agrees. He says,'It's not only in the west that women are going commando but also in India, as fashion demands get more stringent. 

Perhaps it is best innerwear one must have for skintight clothes is a G-string. This gives a no panty line 'nude look', a perfect fit and also the satisfaction of wearing suitable innerwear.

VPL (Visible Panty Lines)

celebrity no pantyEver noticed, thongs, tangas, lacy boyshorts and even seamless satin panties seem to perpetuate unwanted marks and wrinkle around the hip area..... so what do you do when you want to wear a cute, clingy, satin dress or skirt? Here are a couple of red carpet secrets to help you hide nasty panty lines:

  • 'Spanx' Power Panties: They are high performance comfortable panties that are similar to shapers. The best part about them is there is no leg band that rides up or rolls, so that you actually have a compeletely lineless look under your clothing. You will also look surprisingly sucked in and slender!
  • If you dont need tummy and thigh control then you can opt for a lower coverage panty. Laser cut thongs from 'Spanx' is revolutionary for VPLs. They come in light nude, dark nude and true nude colours. They actually feel like you are wearing nothing at all. They don't ride up and theya re virtually invisible under evreything. Problem Solved !!
  • These are available in shopping malls (nearest from Nepalganj are Saharaganj, Lucknow, Fun Republic, Lucknow, Waves East End Mall, Lucknow) and leading lingerie stores and cost NRs. 2,500/- and above.

Inner Sense

A leading magazine 'Savvy' asked psychologists what makes celebs go pantyless. Psychiatrist Dr.Anjali Chabria says,'Youngsters these days wear their attitude on their sleeves. They don't give a damn. It started with the bra burining phase and maybe today it's ended in this.' She also believes that perhaps on a subconscious level, it could also be a ploy to grab attention.

According to Dr.Seema Hingorani celebs like Shamita Shetty go pantyless because:

  • 'They are attention seekers and want to be in the limelight'
  • 'They are desperate to get roles and by hogging headlines, they will get more leverage' '
  • 'They don't really realise the repurcussions and are blindly following the west'
  • 'They are constrained by fashion dictates.'

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