Loose Socks of Young Japanese School Girls


japanese school girls

Japanese school socks

Loose socks or Ruzu Sokkusu are a style of baggy sock popular among young Japanese school girls.  These came in fashion and became top choice worldwide as they flattered plump calves.

Generally these are worn by Japanese junior high school girls or Japanese high school girls. Mostly white in color they are long and wrinkled down to the shin. They also work as leg warmer as they are thick. Japanese school girlsThis is also one of the reason why Japanese school girls wear them even if not at school and shopping time in Japan's cold weather. They work both as leg warmer and fashion statement and also they look cute in this.  

They also make the legs look longer. Worn with short skirts, when short skirts make the legs look longer, these baggy socks conceal thick ankles. These loose socks are worn generally below the knee and are held in place with a special adhesive sock glue sold specially for them. Loose socks are generally worn with short skits with hemline above the knee. 

japanese school skirt and socks


This trend of loose socks was caught by the mass media, which brought attention to loose socks as emblematic items of high school girl culture. In world the fashion of short skirts influenced the school girls since about 1990. Also in Japan, school girls adopted short skirts as they look much cuter than the school girls of any other country perhaps. 

It is said that first this fashion started from Miyagi, Sendai, Mito, Ibaraki etc. Then after the popularity of these socks this fashion spread in major cities like Tokyo and Osaka and towards other cities too among high school Japanese girls. 

Maximum popularity was observed of these socks during 1996 to 1998. The variety of such loose socks known as 'super loose' and 'gom nuki loose' that is loose socks with no elastic, were created. These were socks with a length of two meters. These were observed mainly among the girls of yamamba gal sub culture.

japanese loose socks japanese school skirt and socks

Some Schools Banned it

Also some schools warned pupils not to wear loose socks at school. But girls found a solution and they used to wear these loose socks from home and used to change when at school and again used to wear again when again back to home from school. 

It is common to see girls chnging socks in the street, on trains and in fast food restaurants. The popularity of such loose socks started to decline from 1998 and soon gone away almost completely. Now a days school girls used to wear regular navy blue socks. However such loose socks can be seen still in some parts of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya.

japanese school girls japanese loose socks
japanese school skirt and socks
japanese school skirt and socks

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