Japanese School Girls' Extremely Short Skirts

japanese schoolgirl short skirt First of all, keep in mind strongly that the extremely short skirts of school uniform in Japan is not necessarily a sign of loose morals among the youth. Mostly schoolgirls wear short skirts with loose socks as there school uniform. This is also an key part of the uniform of the kogaru, whose aim is to appear young and therefore cute.

japanese schoolgirl short skirt school uniform

Japanese schoolgirl uniforms in Shiga, Shibuya, Niigata are so short, that the internet and Japanese language Internet is awash with rumors that schoolgirls in the central Japan prefecture wear the skimpiest uniforms of anywhere in the country. Even some girls who are not allowed mini skirt as uniform from their home, they roll up their skirt to make it mini micro after leaving their home.

japanese schoolgirl shortskirt uniform

Even in rail station and metro trains one can find girls making their skirts mini micro by rolling freely in front of all without any hesitation.

"Schoolgirl Rush Hour" for boys

Local schoolboys seem to agree, saying one school in particular is known for its micromini uniforms. When the girls from the school all get off the train together in the mornings, it's a real sight to see and the schoolboy tells adding that many people deliberately go to look and we call it the Schoolgirl Rush Hour in these parts.

Girls Are Happy In Short Skirts

Shiga schoolgirls don't deny their reputation either. Shiga's the sticks, right? Well, long dresses might be popular in the cities, but it takes ages before the trend gets picked up around here. Besides, Shiga girls always wear minis, one schoolgirl from the prefecture says. "We look good, we look pretty in miniskirts. What's wrong with that?

A downside to the propensity for flashing the thighs and even above is that Shiga Prefecture apparently attracts a disproportionate number of perverts who travel from outside the prefecture to track down the short skirts.

japanese schoolgirl shortskirt school uniform japanese schoolgirl uniform japanese schoolgirl school uniform
japanese schoolgirl short school uniform japanese schoolgirl shortskirt japanese schoolgirl short skirt

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