Female Body - Sensitive Zones

How do your husband 'love' you? You can guide him by your action and behaviour that 'where' you want him. Know the most erotic zones of your body. Know yourself the sensitive points on your own body and discover the pleasure you was missing.feet

1. Feet

Let your husband caress and kiss on your feet. On the top skin and on the bottom skin, all the area of your feets. Try it tonight. Many women enjoy their feet being sucked, licked and touched but alas that is the most neglected area.

2. Toe

Get it kissed by your husband and rest you will know. Toe sucking is highly intimate with high rated sexual feeling.ankle

3. Achilles Tendon

This is a highly sensitive spot. It is located at the back of your legs, just above your heels and on the lower area of your calf where a bone, which is visible from backside, ends. Look at the picture. Soft strokes just below the ankle bone and then moves slowly up toward the back of your knee will make you hot.

legs4. Back of the Knee

One of the top but totally neglected erotic areas on women. Men like the view of the 'Back of your knees' much. It has some of the softest, thinnest, and sensitive skin on the exposed body.

It also looks vey soft and tender from back. However you can't view it yourself.

5. Inner Thighthighs

Find the most sensitive area of your thighs which lies in the shape of a medium sized triangle from around 2-3 inches below the crotch to the inside of the knee and back up again.

6. Vagina/Clitoris

If we will try to explain about it, it means we think you are from another planet.

7. Buttockships

You know it. Almost all the women like caressing and kiss on their hips. For more fire get your buttocks squeezed by him. Try some spanking also. A lot of women like mild spanking mixed with squeezing.

8. Sacrum

Also known as "Bermuda Triangle of Lust" is the area just above the crease of the buttocks near the base of the spine.

Being a sensitive zone, this area is favourite place for "Tattoo".navel

9. Navel

A gentle or deep kiss on navel will turn you on in seconds.

10. Back

His face moving on your back by rubbing his lips will turn you on soon.

11. Breasts / Nipplesbreast

Do we need to prove or explain anything here that you do not know??

12. Fingers

Caressing and kissing your fingers will turn you on. For more fire, put your fingers into chocolate or honey and let him taste and clean your figners.

13. Wrists

This the best part to start the foreplay. Nimbling it will take you into mood. Your husband will be happy to see how nicely you take care of the smallest zones like these.

14. Inside of the Arm

According to many sex therapist and counsellors, this area should be used in foreplay. Your husband should lightly run his fingertips or nails across the area of skin halfway between her elbow and wrist.

15. Neck

Most women find light tongue flicks on this area highly sensual, however, it should be slow and hot.lips

16. Lips

You know what we will explain here, so no words. You know everything related with your lips ! Your third zone.

17. Outside of Ear Lobe

How much do you like when your husband takes your ear-lobe between his lips? Your second erotic zone is your ear lobe.

18. Scalp

Remember how much did you like when your husband moved his fingers into your hairs on your scalp? Scalp is one of your erotic zones of your body. Massaging the scalp, according to scientists, alleviates stress and also happens to have a built in bonus: Endorphins are released (pleasure hormones).

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