Inner Thigh Iching Or Panty Rash

inner thigh

If you are experiencing itching due to inner thigh rash, the first concern is to stop the itching-scratching. Here, are some home remedies and medical treatment one needs to approach:

Use powder to keep moist level down. 

Use hydrocortisone cream to decrease the inflammatory response. 

Allow possible maximum time to allow air reach that area. Do not wear underwear. 

Wear skirt without underwear as long as possible. It will allow air reach that area.

Cool air will do more to heal it than anything else.

While at home wear mini skirt with no under garments so the area is directly in touch with area without no restriction.

Wear loose dress.

Wear cotton clothes which are touching that area.

Do not wear synthetic clothing which touch that area.

You can lye on bed without under garments and knee folded and allow a fan blowing that area. 

Use cool and dry packs on each side of the groin. 

Try wearing panty liners in your clothing and go without panties for awhile.

Use aloe cream. 

Was the area with cold water at least twice a day and pat dry with clean towel.

Apply ice every few hours. 

Apply sothing lotion preferably with natural aloe gel. 

Cut a leaf of aloe vera lengthwise and apply the fleshy part of the leaf on the rashes. 

After showering or bathing, dry the groin and thigh area completely. 

Use talcum powder to prevent further aggravating the rash. Talcum powder helps to dry out sweat and soothe the rash. 

Prefer talcum powder with mint.

panty rash

panty rash

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