How To Make Big Breasts Look Smaller



1. Wear a good fitting bra which uplifts and supports breasts nicely.

2. Wear well fitted blouses. The popping buttons or shirts that spread make breasts look more bigger. 

3. Wear darker colors.

4. Wear loose clothes, don't wear tight ones, as they cause breasts to pop out.

5. Wear two bras that are thin. This trick give extra lift and also pulls the breast in and so making them look smaller. At first, it’s a little uncomfortable, but after a while it starts to feel normal.

6. Wear a 'Minimizing bra'. These bra are available in market. A minimising bra will dramatically reduce the appearance of your bust as it pull in the breasts, press the chest down without leaving unsightly lumps and bumps and so make them look smaller.

7. Buy a well fitted bra with exact cup size too.

8. Do chest exercises. The chest muscles connected to the breast can be lifted through exercises that focus on that area such as weight lifting, push-ups and pull-ups. The firmer these muscles are, the smaller your breasts will look.


1. Do not wear high necks, polo necks, turtle necks and cowl necks, these will increase the size of your breasts. 

2. Avoid any details in your top around the chest area. No frills, no flowers, no busy patterns and no buttons.

3. Wear deep V necks. These elongate your neck and also flatter the size of your chest. If you feel much of your chest area is exposed you can wear a small top underneath.

4. Wear low scoop necks and square necks.  These come down nice and low and will flatter your bust.

5. Wear fitted tops. Remember, fitted one, Not tight one. You can also wear fitted tops with 3/4 length sleeves as they look more fantastic with big breasts. These draw the attention and so your boobs are a part of your silhouette, not your most stand-out feature.

6. Do not prefer short tops. They ride up a bit on the belly as the bigger boobs take up so much space.  If you like a long vest top, but are npt sure about it, you can layer it up with a tight tee or cardigan.

7. Again, a top with 3/4 length sleeves can be part of your wardrobe whatever style you dress in.

8. Fitted scallop neck tops will look good on you.


To look your breasts smaller avoid ultra long necklaces. They do not hang properly on large breasts. 

Wear necklaces that stop low down on the collarbone, just above your breasts.


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