Breast Reduction Ancient Hindu Yoga

breast reduction yoga

Ancient Hindu Yoga is really helpful to tone your body including your breasts, which might be either a general requirement of your body or due to pregnancy and childbirth.

Various postures of yoga which tone your body help in the reduction of the body weight in appropriate manner. Breast size generally increases while you breast feed the baby and it automatically becomes normal when you stop breast feeding. If still it doesn’t go normal then you can take up little exercises like turning around from left to right by either standing or sitting in a fixed position. This will provide required exercise to the muscles of the shoulders and the ones below it in the trunk region.

Eight parts yoga (Asthanga yoga) provides exercise to all the bodily organs in an appropriate amount. It helps to tone the trunk region of the body appropriately. Yoga physical exercises help in increase of metabolism and heart rate which helps to burn the extra deposits of the cholesterol in the body. This will further aid in the reduction of the fat deposit in the breast region and provide appropriate exercise for your breast.

All postures of yoga which help in the reduction of obesity also work greatly for breast reduction. Yoga provides breast reduction in simple and easy steps and there is no need for the breast reduction pills or any other kind of surgery. Though it will take a little time but yoga can definitely help for the reduction of abnormal breast size.

All inverted yoga postures like wheel pose, semi wheel pose, fish pose work wonders for the reduction of extra deposits of the fats and cholesterol in the trunk region. Arm stretch pose also effectively helps for the reduction of the breasts. It also regulates the blood circulation in the body. 

Arm stretch can be carried out with the following steps:

  1. Sit with your knees bent.
  2. Let your toes be pressed firmly on the ground.
  3. Keep your hands back.
  4. Touch the floor with your hands.
  5. Slowly lift your hands up to your shoulders and inhale deeply
  6. Lift your hands upwards and exhale
  7. Repeat it for a few more times
  8. Relax

This posture of yoga will not only help your trunk region but also provide the desired exercise to the breast. The Yoga postures would help in the reduction of the fat deposits near the breast region.

breast reduction yoga

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