Bumps on Areola - What are they.

areola bumps

Small Bumps on Areola - Montgomery tubicles

You must have seen small bumps on your areola. Normally if you are teenager they will not be there on your areola. These are seen on women who have pregnant or have given birth to child. But even in many young girls these bumps are also present.

These bumps are called Montgomery tubicles or glands. These little bumps appear on the areola (coloured area surrounding the nipple) and they contain tiny ducts in which natural oils come out (mainly during pregnancy and beyond), to keep the area/skin soft. However complete information about these bumps is still incomplete in medical science.

These bumps are usually alot more prominent in pregnancy and grow a fair bit larger (you can actually feel the bumps), but very tiny bumps can appear as a woman develops. Most women don't notice them though as they are not easily seen or felt.

bumps on areola

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